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Holster Options

Holster Options

Our holsters feature TONS of options! That makes them very customizable to your needs; however, it can make ordering somewhat confusing.

This page should help you figure out what options you want or need.


The material that we use is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. When you are selecting the options for your holster, you can pic from a list of colors. Here are swatches of what we have avaialbe:


Not all colors are available with all holster/option combinations. For example, none of the patterned Kydex is availble with a wrapped holster since the wrap would completly cover the pattern.

For all the holsters, you can choose up to TWO colors of Kydex. For Pancake style holsters, that can create a two-tone holster that could look like this:


Blood Red Back with Black Carbon Fiber Front, Blood Red Eyelets - 1.5" Solid Loop / Wing

Or, a mono-tone hoslter that could look like this:


FDE Front and Back, with Coyote Eyelets and Screws - 1.5" Solid Belt Loops

Adding a second layer/color to a Taco style holster allows you to design creations such as this:


Zombie Green Inner, with Black Carbon Fiber Outer - Over the Belt Clip with Zombie Green Eyelets



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