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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1. Order Status & Lead Times

a. What is your lead time?

N.I.C.K. Holsters is a small shop and we can only produce a certain amount of high quality gear each day. Everything we sell is hand-made to order: NOTHING IS IN STOCK. Since everything is made to order your exact wait time is highly dependent on what you order as orders are processed in batches of similar orders. Because of this, we do not publish "estimated lead times" or estimates. If you need something by a deadline, please contact us BEFORE placing your order to ensure that we can accommodate you and arrange for any RUSH processing surcharges.

b. How can I get an update on my order status?

Login to your account on our web store and you’ll be able to see the status of your order. We will email you as your order moves though our fulfillment process. If you do not get a confirmation email when you order, make sure our emails to you are not going into your Spam folder. Please do not email us about the status of your order unless it has not shipped after 16 weeks. Looking up orders takes time away from producing and shipping them.

Order Statuses and What They Mean 

Awaiting Payment: Your order has been received and is being processed by our customer service staff. Once reviewed, your order will be printed and sent to the production queue. Orders generally remain in this status 1-2 days depending on order volume or if there are any questions on your order.

Awaiting Fulfillment: Your order has been processed and sent to the production queue. Your order will spend the majority of the lead time in this status. Unless your order has gone past 16 weeks, please do not email customer service asking when your order will ship. Looking up orders takes time away from producing and shipping them.

Shipped: A shipping label has been generated and is on its way! Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking information to be available. Most USPS Priority Mail packages arrive within 3 days. (Domestic orders)

2. General policies and procedures

a. Do you offer a Warranty? What is covered?

We offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on our custom products. If you have a warranty claim, please contact us for instructions

Most warranty repairs are turned around within five to ten business days from receiving the damaged items. Our warranty follows our products, not the original buyer. We reserve the right to replace your damaged product with a similar or updated product if the original product has been changed or discontinued. We do not replace lost hardware or belt loops. If you are a user of our products, you are responsible to make sure they are safe to use with your weapon prior to using them with a loaded weapon. If you ever have any issue with any of our products, please contact us. We will respond with instructions to resolve your warranty claim. PLEASE NOTE: N.I.C.K. Holsters covers the cost of return shipping on Warranty orders for domestic addresses ONLY. All international Warranty orders will have a fixed $35.00USD return shipping cost.

b. What is your return/exchange policy?

CUSTOM HOLSTERS SALES ARE FINAL. RETURNS ON CUSTOM HOSLTERS WILL INCUR A RESTOCKING FEE THAT WILL RANGE FROM 15% - 50%, DEPENTANT ON THE LEVEL OF CUSTOMIZATION, AND BALANCE OF REFUND WILL BE ISSUED IN STORE CREDIT ONLY. Return must be postmarked within 30 days and holster must be returned in like new condition with no damage, modifications, or markings to qualify for a refund (store credit only). Custom holsters are not stock items and each holster is made to order per customer’s specification. Please double check your order to verify that you selected the correct model & options prior to submitting your order. Returns due to customer error when placing an order will incur a restocking fee. If you received a holster that does not match the order details on your invoice or are experiencing a fit issue with your holster please contact us.

c. How do I cancel my order?

Order cancelations for full refund will be accepted during the first 24 hours only. If you wish to cancel your order contact us. Due to the custom nature of these orders a 15% cancellation fee (up to a maximum of $50) will be applied to orders cancelled after the initial 24 hour period. This cancellation fee applies only to the items being cancelled. Orders cannot be cancelled once they have entered the production process. If you would like to modify or change your order, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you. If you order has already entered production, we reserve the right to refuse any order changes or modifications.

3. Billing Questions.

a. When will my card be charged?

Due to the custom nature of our products your card will be charged immediatly after you place the order. Once your card has been charged a cancellation fee will apply to any cancelled orders (see above for details). 

b. What other methods of payment do you accept?

We accept credit/debit card payment or PayPal. We can accept USPS money orders for domestic orders only. All international orders must be paid by credit card or PayPal. Your order will not enter production until payment is received.

4. Shipping Policy & Questions:

N.I.C.K. ships all products via USPS Priority Mail with base insurance and delivery confirmation. You will be notified via email when your order ships and provided with the tracking number. The customer is responsible for providing an accurate shipping address that USPS recognizes, delivers to, and that has an adult available to receive the package or is a secure location. If an order is returned as undeliverable, the customer will be responsible for any postage required to re-ship the package. N.I.C.K. cannot be responsible for an order once the package is out of our hands. Signature confirmation and additional insurance is available on request. If additional insurance is necessary, please mention it in the comments box when placing an order. The customer is responsible for the cost of insurance or addition of signature confirmation. WE WILL NOT REPLACE ORDERS THAT HAVE BEEN ‘LOST IN THE MAIL’ IF THE TRACKING INFORMATION SHOWS THE ITEM AS DELIVERED.

a. My card was charged. Does this mean my order shipped?

No. Your card is charged when your order is processed for the production queue. Your entire order will be shipped as soon as it is completed and tested. We do not split shipments unless prior arrangements to do so have been made..

b. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. If you require international shipping, please contact us prior to ordering so that we can resolve the details.

c. Do you offer other shipment options besides USPS?

Generally, no. If you have a special circumstance that requires a different carrier please contact us before placing your order. You will be responsible for the full cost of the requested shipping method and desired insurance.

d. Is my shipment insured? How can I add additional insurance?

Packages shipping via USPS Priority Mail are automatically insured for the purchase price up to $100.00. N.I.C.K. cannot be responsible for an order once it has left our facility. In the event your order is lost or damaged during shipment we will initiate a insurance claim on your behalf and credit your replacement order up to the insured value. If your order value exceeds the amount of the included insurance value we strongly suggest requesting additional insurance. If you desire additional insurance or signature confirmation please request it in the comments when ordering. The customer is responsible for the additional insurance/confirmation fees.

e. Do you ship to APO/FPO?

Yes. APO/FPO shipments ship via USPS Priority Mail.

5. Explanation of Options:

a. What is the difference between the Low, Mid, and Full sweat guard?

We offer two options for the body shield on our holsters.

Full (standard) – The Full body shield completely shrouds the inside face of the weapon. This helps protect the weapon and any controls from you and protects you from any sharp edges or corners on the weapon. We cut the Full shield to still allow you to seat the firing grip with minimal interference from the holster.

Mid - the holster is cut 1/2" (+/- 1/8") from the back of the slide.

Low – The Short body shield is reduced to clear any fire controls on the inside face of the weapon. A Short body shield will also allow your thumb to come to rest against the weapon for a full firing grip before the draw is started. We leave enough material to also aid in re-holstering and to help keep your clothing out of the holster mouth.

b. What do the different Safety/ Decock Lever options mean? Does it matter which I select?

We ask this question for weapons that have multiple possible carry options with different controls (for example, HK pistols).If there is a lever on the side of your weapon, we need to know about it to properly fit your holster.  This option is only valid if you are ordering a holster with a full body shield.  Please note, if your weapon is classified as a single-action-only by the manufacturer (example: FN Five Seven), no matter what you choose we will make the holster for the "Safety On" option.

If your pistol can be safely carried in more than one condition and you have a side mounted safey/decocker, there are two possible positions:

  • Hammer down (decocked - lever returns to neutral), safety OFF. Your first shot is a double action pull, with a single action pull after that. You would select Safety Off, Double Action Mode
  • Hammer cocked, safety ON. Your first shot will require you to turn the safety off.  You would select Safety On, Single Action Mode. If you carry with the hammer down, safety on you would select this option too.

You must select which of the two you intend to carry. Once our holsters are built for one method, they will NOT work with the other.

c. Which belt attachment should I buy?

The belt attachment options all serve different purposes. For OWB carry, the standard belt loops will carry the gun very tight to the body and maintain a small profile on the belt. We have found that the most concealable set up is the "Loop/Wing" option. Additional mounting options are available, such as the Dual Pancake Wings and OWB Soft Loops.
For IWB carry, you’ll first need to decide if you need a “tuckable” holster or not. A tuckable design is good for better concealment, but at the disadvantage of a slower and more difficult draw-stroke. For standard IWB carry with a jacket or shirt as a cover garment, our standard recommendation is the “IWB Soft Loops”. Order the “IWB Tuckable Soft Loops” if you require a tuckable set up. Clips are OK for convience, but they are far less secure than the snap loops.

d. I have aftermarket controls/options installed. Will it still fit and function in your holster?

Usually. Our holsters will work with most aftermarket sights. If you have suppressor sights on your weapon, you’ll need to let us know in the comments when you order. For other extended or aftermarket controls or accessories it is best if you email us and send us a detailed description, link to the product, or a picture of your weapon so we can confirm fit and function for you.

e. I have a red dot or optic on my weapon, will it still fit in your holster?

It depends on the type of optic and where it is mounted. Email us with a picture or link to an image of your set up and we can tell you for sure. We have a $15 surcharge to add the proper blocking an shrouding to accomodate and protect your red dot optic.

6. I have a firearm, flashlight, magazine, knife, rail, or other item not listed on your website. Can you make a holster/carrier for this item?

If it is not listed on our website, we do not have a live weapon or replica tooling to make it with. We do not have a Federal Firearms License and thus we cannot legally accept firearms through the mail. We have limits to what we are willing or able to make, but we are happy to discuss what we can do for you. If you have a weapon or handheld light, magazine, or rail different than what we offer we may be able build a carrier if you are able to send the item in to us for the production of your gear. You MUST contact us prior to placing a custom order. Once we’ve determined that we can make your custom item we will provide you with a price quote and reference number to use when placing your order.

7. Using and maintaining your gear:

a. How do I change the hardware on my holster/carrier?

Our hardware utilizes standard threaded hardware to affix the different mounting platforms to the holster itself. With a Phillips head screw driver, you can change these platforms easily.

Remember to keep the male screw on the side in contact with the rivet (the holster itself), and the female screw on the item that is bare polymer (typically the mounting platform). The o-ring washer should sandwich between these two pieces. Please use a thread locker as appropriet to prevent the threaded hardware from loosening.

b. Will your holster wear the finish on my gun?

All holsters wear the finish on a firearm. These are tools we carry to potentially save our life one day, they should not be collector’s items. Kydex holsters, over the long term, will wear a gun less than a leather holster will. Kydex will rub along the high spots of a gun and may create some wear marks. After the holster is broken in, those wear marks typically will not grow in size. A leather holster will retain dirt, sweat, powder residue, oil, and other daily grime which will create an abrasive surface that will constantly wear on the gun it holds. When your Kydex holster is dirty, simply wash it out.

c. Can I remove my light and still use a Light Bearing holster?

Our standard holsters retain the weapon via friction fit to the trigger guard, our Light Bearing models index a feature on the weapon light. Retention with the light removed on a Light Bearing Holster would be sub-standard at best, and is not recommended. With the light removed from the weapon there is a large void left in the holster below the dust cover of the weapon, which creates a condition where anything contacting the weapon will cause it to pop rearward into that void, resulting in a potentially unsafe condition. While we agree that there are times when running without a WML is preferred, this is best accomplished with a separate, purpose built holster.

d. Will my firearm fit a holster designed for a different firearm?

Our holsters are built to spec for each item they are designed to hold. That said, there is some crossover that will allow other models to fit. Typically, a smaller gun of the same make will fit in the holster for the full size version. Example: A Glock 34 holster will carry a 17, 19, or 26 without issue (as well as the .40cal and 357Sig versions of those guns). The same goes for light compatible holsters, as long as the light is mounted on the smaller gun. Firearms with a thumb safety can create an issue. A holster built for an M&P45 without thumb safety will NOT fit an M&P45 with thumb safety. The sweat shield of the holster will impede the thumb safety model from being inserted.

e. How do I mount my holster/mag carriers to MOLLE/PALS Gear?

If you are looking for a solution to be MOLLE mounted, please add that request to the "Special Requests" so that we can ensure proper spacing for MALLICE clips.

f. Are there any special care instructions with Kydex gear?

For the most part, no. Kydex is a very durable material. It will not retain moisture and will clean easily with a quick rinse, or scrubbing of a nylon brush if you feel the need. That said, there are two key points you should pay attention to with our gear:
1) Once your carry settings are decided, you should place a drop of non-permanent thread locking compound on the threads of the hardware. The thread locking compound should be applied after a clean/degrease of the hardware. WE DO NOT REPLACE LOST HARDWARE. Replacement hardware is available for purchase in our store. 
2) DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GEAR IN A HOT VEHICLE, especially in the sun. A piece of gear left on the dashboard of a vehicle during a hot day can reach high enough temperatures to deform them. This will not be covered under our warranty, but save yourself the hassle of having to deal with this problem by keeping them away from this exposure. Simply putting them in a bag or in the trunk is usually sufficient to keep them from deforming.

g. I lost my hardware/accessory and can’t use my holster, what do I do?

You will need to order replacements though our web store. We do not replace lost hardware or accessories. We highly recommend that once you have configured your gear the way you like that you apply some non-permanent thread locking compound to the hardware and check it regularly. All of our hardware kits come with thread locking compound.

8. Discounts and specials:

a. Do you offer Law Enforcement/Military discounts?

Yes, we are happy to provide a 10% discount for Active LE/MIL customers. Please Contact Us, and be ready to provide valid credentials.

b. Do you offer any other discounts or specials?


We do have other discounts available to veterans and retired military as well as EMS and firefighters. We also suggest following us on Facebook to keep updated on any current offers, discounts, specials & contests.

9. I have additional questions not covered in this FAQ, what should I do?

We find that contacting us is the most efficient way to handle incoming requests. We do our absolute best to answer all emails within one business day. We receive over a hundred emails per day, so catching up after the weekend can sometimes take a couple days. Please only send your request once, as researching the same issue multiple times causes a delay in response for everyone else. The various email servers on the web are not 100% reliable. If you do not receive a response within five business days, please email again. Please ensure you type your email address correctly in the contact form. Without an accurate email address, we have no way of contacting you to answer your questions.



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